Lucia Bruzzi

BY Lucia Bruzzi

Since the first day we reached Casa Guatemala, our mission was to rebuild their clinic in order to offer the kids a better life. Everyday, we would wake up early in the morning reach the school and start working on the clinic. It was only thanks to local workers that we were able to accomplish our goal. While we were working on the clinic, every once in a while the kids would come over to check up on us.

We were all working together, as a community. During our 10 days there, the kids and their well being was the center of our world and we were theirs. There was a common appreciation and love filling the clinic and everything around us. It’s true these children are happy, but is the world around them that isn’t.
During our stay in Guatemala, not only we rebuilt the clinic, but we also brought a Telemedicine device to test with the hope to, later on, leave it there permanently. Telemedicine such as the one that we tested at Casa Guatemala can be an essential resource of survival. This is because, since the nearest hospital is two days away, telemedicine has the power to save money, time and a long exhausting and most of the times unnecessary trip to the Hospital just by connecting the clinic and doctors through this revolutionary device.

Check out the videos to learn more about our project in Guatemala.



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