A youth lead organization focused on helping children in need by providing resources they lack.

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Imagine having to travel for days in order to reach a hospital for proper health care or lacking basic vital resources. Unfortunately, this is the case for many communities around the world. In these regions, the lack of access to healthcare facilities and resources leads to millions of deaths every year from diseases that could be easily treated in developed countries, to malnutrition due to the lack of food and extreme poverty due to the lack of education. WNT is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 run by young people to help children in need, by bringing medical services, resources and education through planned and personalized mission for each community around the world.

Operationally we aim to achieve our goals by following a system that is replicable, sustainable, and scalable.

  • Why Not Teens works with volunteer physicians and nurses which devote some of their time to visit with telemedicine devices the underprivileged communities we work with.
  • Our volunteers are focused in creating missions that are specific for each location and community needs. 
    • By: 
      • Creating a mission personalized for a specific community. 
      • Creating fundraising events with the scope of both promoting and raise money for the specific goal stated in the mission. 
      • Execute the mission, by either donating, delivering or implanting the resources needed in the community. 
      • Review each mission to ensure that it is replicable, sustainable and scalable.
  • Through a series of campaigns, we raise money to buy telemedicine devices, medication, day by day supplies and educational resources for the communities we work with.
  • We identify the specific needs for each community and help them in all the fields we can.
  • Every purchase/donation is tax deductible.

Now visualize how, by following our model, we are able to improve the health and the wellbeing of these children. Thanks to your contribution we can deliver proper cures, education and an overall better life to these children’s doorstep.

Through the years, my parents have always taught me that the best way to find happiness and joy is by doing what one’s loves and by trying to seek satisfaction in all small progresses. With this principle my parents, after consulting with my sisters and I, decided to offer us more possibilities in order to, in the future, be able to realize whatever we decided to put our mind into. My parents didn’t just teach me this, they also showed me how to accomplish what one’s wants.

For example, it was always my dad’s dream to do the Atlantic Crossing, and after years of planning he accomplished one of his goals. And just like this, like Christopher Columbus did, my dad undertook a voyage through the Ocean from Italy to Miami. This is not the only time that my parents showed me that creating and accomplishing a dream is totally possible. Most families, when they move from one part of the world to the other they usually take a year to settle down.

My parents were able to this in just a few months and once settle down they kept working as hard as they could in order to pursue their dream and help us identify ours. Since I was little girl, every time I picture myself in the future I wanted to fantasy of older me doing something that would contribute into making a difference.

Everything started in the summer of 2016, when I decided to do an internship at the Children’s Hospital with Dr. Andrea Maggioni. During the seven days spent with him, he showed me something that opened my mind. He showed me the Telemedicine station present at the Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Maggioni, explained to me how these different machines, that are not in use yet, located in the station, were connected via wireless to the base and could be brought all around the world in order to help people. As I said, these machines work in a very revolutionary way. With these machinery, it’s possible to visit patients all around the world without physical interaction with them. This revolutionary technology is what triggered me to create, myself, a project that could make the difference globally.

what we stand for


Every child around the world has access to basic healthcare, education and basic resources.


Help children in need all around the world.

our values


We motivate teenagers to undertake an active role in our society by helping others.


We take ownership of our projects with a hands on approach.


We value and embrace the unique and diverse cultural experiences we face.

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Lucia Bruzzi


Since the first day we reached Casa Guatemala, our mission was to rebuild their clinic in order to offer the kids a better life. Everyday, we would wake up early in the morning reach the school and start working on the clinic. It was only thanks to local workers that we were able to accomplish our goal. While we were working on the clinic, every once in a while the kids would come over to check up on us.

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Lucia Bruzzi


Today is the day that Ale and I left Miami to travel to Mexico for our very first Why Not Teens mission. The purpose of this trip is to volunteer at Casa Hogar, a foster home in Cancun that houses kids that have been either sexually or physically abused.

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our team

Meet our team of individuals passionate about this cause who enthusiastically lend their hearts, heads and hands to support Why Not Teens, its mission and projects.

Lucia Bruzzi

Founder & President


Chiara Bruzzi

President WNT Club


Stefania Bologna

Board Member


Chandler Finley

Board Member


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